We follow a Rigorous and Strict Selection procedure for selection of Security Guards and Supervisors. A thorough background check and verification of documents is conducted followed formal Police Verification. Minimum Educational Qualification for Guards is between Class VIII to Class X and for Supervisors is between Class X to Class XII. The Security Personnel are trained to meet the Minimum Physical Standards and Communication Ability.

Our Training has Specialized Training Modules on:

Fire Fighting

  • Type of Fire
  • How to control fire using extinguishers
  • Stress Management
  • Systematic Management
  • First Aid
  • All our Security, Housekeeping and TEJ Staff has to go through it.

Basic Course : Training Syllabus as per PSARA ACT 2005

  1. Opening Test
  2. Documentation
  3. Introduction to the company
  4. Uniform & Equipment
  5. Foot Drill
  6. Physical Fitness
  7. Fire Prevention & Control
  8. Dealing with People including conduct in public
  9. Gate Houses Duties
  10. Guard Alertness
  11. Premises Patrolling
  12. Telephonic & Communication Procedure
  13. Inward & Outward Register Entries
  14. Initiating reports and lodging FIR
  15. Personal Hygiene, Health & Safety
  16. Electronic Security - HHMD’S, DFMD, Electronic assess Controls
  17. Evacuation Drill
  18. Recognition of badges
  19. Identification of weapons in use by Police & Public
  20. Crowd Control
  21. Final Tests


For us the client is all important and the quality of service provided is to be of the highest standards. Your requirements and grievances are our utmost priority and we have incorporated the following procedure to ensure that your requirements are met at every site, where our guards are deployed who is in turn are assigned to a Area Officer who monitor their day to day functioning. This is the first level of interaction with our client and the day to day requirements may be addressed to the supervisor.